Portrait of A Feminista: Dior Vargas

Here is a snippet from my contribution to Brown-Eyed Amazon's project: #SecretLivesofFeministas

"I am leading in my own community as a Latina feminist mental health activist. I am working on a photo project to juxtapose the media representation of mental illness. People of color are rarely ever if at all included in this discussion. How can we destigmatize this in our community if we are never shown in its representation? For years I thought I was alone. I didn’t know that there were countless other Latinas and other young women of color who were battling with mental illness and suicidal ideation. In addition to the photo project, I am sharing my personal story as a suicide attempt survivor and a Latina living with depression. If I can show other Latinas that I have experienced these struggles and that I have been able to overcome they will feel impassioned t0 keep on going, to fight for their lives, and live another day. I won’t tell them that it will get better because it won’t. You will have your ups and downs and you’ll have moments where you’re just done with the same pain day after day. But keep on fighting. Find what you are passionate about. Speak out. Write what you feel. Writing has given me the opportunity to communicate my feelings, a blank sheet to take on all of what was and is still is tormenting me so."

Read more here: http://browneyedamazon.com/2014/11/12/portrait-of-a-feminista-dior-vargas/

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