Requesting Photo Submissions for Minorities and Mental Illness Project



This is a request for POC (people of color) to speak out about their struggle with mental illness. There is a lack of media representation of POC and mental illness. There are tons of articles that list people with depression and other mental illnesses but you rarely see someone who looks like you. We need to change the way this is represented. This is not something to be ashamed about. We need to confront and end the stigma that this is a privileged, white person's disease. This is a reality for so many people in our community. 

Please join me in this project to show people who are truly are. We are not our disease. 

Please submit a photo of yourself holding a sign saying "I'm [your name] and I have a mental illness (or the exact type)." Whatever you feel comfortable doing. 

· This project is ongoing. 

· Angle (shoulders up, waist up etc): shoulders up

· Send to:

· Save the image as a JPEG and saved as your first and last name

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