People of Color & Mental Illness Photo Project Kickstarter Launched!

After one month of preparation, I’m ready to announce that my Kickstarter campaign, People of Color & Mental Illness Photo Project, is now live! I would be extremely grateful if you would check it out and contribute.

I wanted to make this a larger project where I would be able to continue amplifying the voices of marginalized communities who live with mental illnesses. With all of the press, commentary, and feedback I’ve received for this project, it gave me the confidence to move forward with this next stage. 

So, I’m launching a Kickstarter project to fund a photo shoot for many of the participants so we can have higher-quality photos.

I would appreciate it if you could share, retweet, and reblog to your friends and networks. I’m really excited about the work that I can accomplish with these new photos and I’m glad to be taking this journey with you. 

With your support, we can continue this work of humanizing the experience of mental illness and raise awareness among people of color.

Thank you!

Dior VargasComment