New Projects Coming Up in 2015!

2014 was the year that I started to focus my activism on something that I've been dealing with all my life: mental illness. I started a photo project in response to the media representation of mental illness which silences communities of color. I've received such a great response to this and it means a lot to know that this is making a difference in people's lives. Note: Submissions are still welcome! :)

I'm so excited for 2015 because I have two projects in the works:

  1. Anthology of POC & Mental Illness: I am requesting submissions so I can edit an anthology of essays, poems, etc of people of color and their experience with mental illness. *I am actively accepting submissions to this project.*
  2. POC & Mental Illness Monologues: I will be conducting interviews and  I am going to write a vagina monologues but for POC and mental illness. If I can get funding, I hope to conduct all of these in person in different states. *Later in the year*

Please contact me if you're interested in participating!

Have a Happy New Year!

Much love and appreciation, 



Dior Vargas8 Comments