Mental Health Awareness Month: Request for Video Submissions

This video is a request for Latin@s to speak out about their struggle with mental illness. This is not something to be ashamed about. We need to confront and end the stigma that this is a privileged person's disease or that you're crazy and you can't be saved from this. This is a reality for so many people in our community. Latin@ teenagers have one of the highest rates of suicide among teens in the United States.

I challenge my community to speak out. Unburden yourself of the shame and secrecy. There is nothing wrong with you. It is okay to talk about it. You are not alone. I will be speaking out as well. We need to put people's faces and voices to this subject. We are not statistics. We are human beings who deserve love, respect, and understanding.

Please join me in this submission video to show people who are truly are. We are not our disease. We are.

Please submit a video of yourself saying "I'm your name and I have a mental illness (or the exact type)." Whatever you feel comfortable doing. Use whatever type of camera possible! You can use a laptop, camera, cell phone (in landscape form) etc.

· Deadline: Thursday, June 5 at 11:59PM EST

· Angle (shoulders up, waist up etc): shoulders up

· Send to:

· Save the footage as a .mov and saved as your first and last name

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