I will be running in the first-ever Fountain House 1 in 4 5K!

I'm not a runner and I never thought I would sign up for something like this but this is a cause that is very important to me. As someone who has depression, I know how it is to feel extremely helpless and needing the support of loved ones. It is also hard when you feel alone and you feel that no one understands you. I really want to focus my activism on mental health and the Latino community. It's a reality for so many people and the least thing we need is the stigma to make it more difficult to deal with. Please come and support me in something that I am extremely passionate about. In all honesty, I run a mental race everyday trying to live life with this chronic illness. This time it will actually have a finish.

"You may be asking, “What does 1 in 4 5K mean?” Every year, one in four Americans experiences a mental illness. Even though these health challenges are relatively common, they are still surrounded by silence and stigma. With your participation, we can raise awareness of mental health issues and encourage the Fountain House community on the path to mental - and physical - health."

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Dior VargasComment